Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Dal & Indian Pasta | Vegan #Tasty Food

Dal & Indian Pasta | Vegan #Tasty Food

so I'm very excited to say we're gonna
start doing some cool collaborations and
my first guest is Monica who I met I'm
making three four years ago yeah she'd
made these Indian canapes for this event
our publisher and they were not joking
literally the best thing I've ever eaten
and ever since then I've been obsessed
with her and I are obsessed with Indian
food Indian foods amazing vegetarian
food as well so Monica's coming today to
make us I'm making dal dhokli which is a
vigilante dish from the west of India
yeah hello and it is a lentil curry with
a little like homemade pasta so you soak
the pasta in dal and you let it cook
like dal and this together with how's
the tasting of garlic really odd but to
be honest it's a very traditional dish
from you know the region of good shark
and it's very kind of hearty its
wholesome its proper comfort food but
it's also really easy right it's super
simple so it's really basic ingredients
that you can find in most you know
supermarkets and new stores and it's
just super super delicious it's just
such a Moorish carry so look okay
amazing so for the Dhokla you want to
add the wholemeal flour along with the
chickpea flour the besan and the whole
knead flour together along with a pinch
of salt need to go in the bowl add your
chilli powder add your carom seeds
turmeric and mix well then I'll leave
droppage oil along with the water and
mix well and knead to a smooth dough

now wrap it in cling film and leave it a
rest while you make the doll
put the doll to cook add the lentils to
the pan along with the water turmeric
and salt chop the onions you just need
to slice them and we peel the ginger
which is created and peel it and slit
the chilies just lengthwise to temper
the dal heat the oil in a pan add your
mustard seeds test a couple to make sure
the oil is hot enough and add the
remaining mustard seeds along with it he
or asafoetida if you don't have any a
sofrito you can also add some garlic
just a touch of garlic would be great at
this stage add the cumin seeds the
cloves the cinnamon and the sliced onion
stir the onion well and cook for six to
seven minutes until it's light brown at
this point at the green chilies in the
curry leaves stir for a few seconds and
add the ginger now stir for 30 seconds
and add your powder spices including the
chili powder and the turmeric powder fry
really nicely at this point with a hand
blender or potato masher master doll to
a coarse thick consistency and at this
stage add the cooked dal to your pants
while the doll is simmering on a low
heat add your tamarind paste and
juggling if you don't have any jaggery
you can use brown sugar and bring to a
boil and simmer gently on a low heat for
seven to eight minutes while the doll is
simmering knead the dough Klee door
really well and divide into two equal
portions forward it out and have a
little bit of oil if it's still a little
bit sticky so allow its portioned out
yeah we've circled it and we just start
rolling it out you wanted nice and flat
circle so roll it out and if you feel it
stick near any points just take a little
bit of oil and dab it on it okay okay
perfect now you want to turn it over
once I go and roll it out like that so
you're getting a nice even sort of and
why are we portioned it into the four so
it's not like one big roll I kind of
round piece you wanna so basically
you're not using flour because you'll
dry it out
I kind you're using oil yeah so see this
side is thicker yeah so rollin later you
can actually get a little bit of you
know so you want to make it really quite
nice and fit it's nice and tasty ah it's
perfect okay okay you know we're kind of
inspired by time vitaliy a little bit me
boy you haven't made Indian passable
absolutely and I think you know you
you're using ground floor and using
regular flour yeah wholemeal flour so
you know in it there's really nothing to
it apart from the spices that are using
and you know you want to make sure it's
nice and thin because it's going to cook
in the dal
yeah yeah but the thing is a bit if it's
thick as well then there's a good chance
that it won't cook all the way through
okay so the thinner it is the quicker it
cooks as well okay and also you don't
want to make sure it's thick because you
know it expands when it's in the dal
yeah okay so now yours is actually done
so heaping yes so you owe me Jakarta
that's perfect
okay so about that fair no a little yeah
perfect cut them into little faster
shapes and add them to the simmering dal
cooking for 12 to 15 minutes stir gently
while you actually cooking the dough
clean so it doesn't breathe switch the
heat off and serve warm ladle in bowls
along with fresh coriander lemon juice
and some red onion

yeah I got a nice little onion okay we

oh my god I have to say I don't know it
just thing is insane I'm a my a the
whole bowl in about 10 seconds so yeah
oh my seriously and honestly it was
genuinely really super easy accessible
ingredient leave maker please make it
and enjoy it love it and just you know
it you know Develin it it's a perfect
weather for today exactly and if anyone
wants to learn more about Monica
she writes undercook and encouraged got
an amazing book and app and lots of
stuff on her website as well perfect and
that's the perfect time for the body as
well yes exactly as happy Diwali this
week around we've got you some sweets to
celebrate so this is a dark chocolate
stem ginger and ground cardamom crushed
pistachios and it's just a barfi or a
sweet that you can actually find in most
households oh it's delicious it's very
moreish so yeah happy Diwali yellow
happy Diwali
oh my god so yeah thank you so much for
having me big especially while this was
being heaven thank you no other word
thank you so much enjoy guys please be
make it

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