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Which Celebrity Has The Best Turkey Recipe? #Tasty Food

Which Celebrity Has The Best Turkey Recipe? #Tasty Food

Which Celebrity Has The Best Turkey Recipe? #Tasty Food

 everybody it is Jesse from the tasty
teen and today I'm gonna be making for
famous celebrity turkey recipes see
which one is actually the best on
today's Leno we got recipes from Guy
Fieri Alton Brown's Martha Stewart and
Asia Kirk we measure out all the
ingredients read the recipes completely
to make sure everything is fair and I
got three my friends taste them in a
blind taste test so which lever has the
best turkey recipe let's find out first
up is Guy Fieri he starts by making a
brine Friz turkey by combining water
salt bay leaves garlic black peppercorns
red pepper flakes and agave to sweeten
it stir that all up
so the GABAA is nice and combined and
puffed on the heat you want the salt to
be completely dissolved once he did
we're gonna add a bit more water to cool
it down super fast we're gonna take it
off pe-pop your turkey right in the
brine and Guy Fieri's Bryan didn't quite
make enough to cover it so we made a few
more batches just to keep things fair
poured it over if it starts floating up
weigh it down at the plate and pop in
the fridge the next day heat some oil in
the pan and you're gonna add our diced
peppers add garlic cilantro and green
onions and cook it just until golden add
ground cumin
season up with a bit of salt black
pepper and add lime zest as well as
blind juice then at the very end we're
gonna deglaze with tequila because this
is a guy fieri after all take it off the
heat transfer it to a plate and spread
it nice and thin to cool it off super
fast bring back your turkey a brine dry
it off and season it with salt and
pepper prop the turkey up in a bowl just
to make things easier and use your hand
to get underneath the skin make sure you
don't rip it
so go nice and slow stuff it with that
green mixture you just made try and get
as even as possible bring in a roasting
tray put the turkey right on it and
stuff it with onions limes and some more
cilantro tie the legs together just so
it roasts nice and even tuck those wings
under and roast it there you have it
guys Mean Green turkey machine very
interesting it immediately has a super
dark skin which makes it seem like it'll
taste really good but I don't know what
the green stuff is kind of around the
edges I'm gonna have some of the skin
because high that's where the best part
is I'm actually pleasantly surprised
with that that's delicious super juicy
for white mint this is pretty good it is
the white part so it's a little bit
drier but it's definitely not what I
would consider like a regular turkey but
the winner is definitely the skin the
skin is very tasty it's just enough
there's not an overwhelming amount of
seasoning of crazy flavors it's just
like let's bring the best out of this
turkey you already died for us
might as well celebrated cooking it
I like it next up is Alton Brown just
like guy he starts with the brine this
time using veg stock and a lot of veg
stock this time do that you're gonna add
salt black pepper allspice candied
ginger and brown sugar mix that up and
pop it on the heat so it all dissolves
take it off into this you're gonna add
some ice water take your turkey and put
it right in and weigh it down at the
plate if it starts to float up this one
made enough Brian so in the fridge it
goes the next day combine apples onions
a cinnamon stick and some water and a
glass bowl and pop it in the microwave
once that's steamy bring in your turkey
some aromatics some oil if there's
classic bits just remove those from the
cavity and stuff the cavity with those
aromatics and fresh herbs uses rosemary
and sage and coat the whole thing in oil
this will help it brown tuck those wings
under tidal legs and into the oven it
goes there you have it Alton Brown's
golden turkey it looks super traditional
I like the color of the skin turkey I
gotta say just from the eye the breast
is looking a little dry this is like my
mom made this there's nothing to it I'm
sorry mom you know my cooking skills
kind of suck it tastes like very 50s
southern everybody's eating around the
table not my favorite flavor
we wrapped about you know somebody just
like threw the turkey in the oven and
hope for the best
this white me - definitely dryer dryer I
come to appreciate it if see please
this juicier part very I would say
conservatively seasoned I only think
this one has a little bit more flavor
than the last one just because I know
it's like trying to be a turkey and not
trying to be something else
up next is Martha Stewart she starts by
combining white wine and a ton of melted
butter in a large bowl mix that up and
take a large square piece of cheesecloth
and soak it in this buttery mixture push
that to the side and bring in your
turkey season the turkey inside and out
with salt and black pepper
this turkey has a little rip in the skin
so don't fault mark on that take some
butter and rub it over the whole entire
thing season it once more with salt and
pepper tie the legs together so it
roasts nice and even and bring back that
buttery cheesecloth we're gonna drape
this right over it
this is Martha's hack for making the
skin nice and crispy and brown make sure
it's all over and popped in the oven
there you have it
Martha Stewart's classic turkey yeah all
right Olli
I got what looks to be some pepper
flakes in the skin I definitely like the
skin on this one like I'm struggling to
to it a little bit more or something
turkey breast is notoriously dry so I
don't know I don't want to put it on the
I feel the grease from the poor animal
but not even salt and I immediately
don't really want to eat the dark meat
because it definitely looks a lot drier
hey come on guys the bird deserves some
soul definitely very plain I'd say I'm
not a fan of this one last but not least
is Ayesha curry she starts by making a
compound butter out of softened butter
garlic shallots green onions cloves
pepper thyme allspice and salt
flips out all together until it's a bit
smooth but still chunky and take off
bring in a turkey separate the skin from
the turkey trying not to rip it put in
some of the butter you just made and
smooth it out all around use the
remaining butter to spread all over the
turkey which sounds easy but we learned
is pretty hard I mean the turkey is wet
and cold and the butter is room
temperature so this proved a bit
challenging but we got there with a
little help
anyways stuff the cavity with anise
limes thyme and garlic season the whole
thing with a bit of salt tie the legs
together so it roasts even and fill the
roasting pan with broth in soy sauce pop
in the oven and that's it
I used to curries jerk turkey all right
this one looks good this looks like a
classic turkey this one looks promising
garlicky Oh got a little surprise under
the skin there some color color usually
equals flavor I feel like I want to eat
this with like Sweden here oh that's
nice definitely saltier almost like a
jerk chicken taste whatever you guys did
with the garlic and the honey which may
not even exist in there mmm
is being absorbed by the meat did you
see its part it's just like bathing days
I've been doing it on the whole time I
got season mine like this this is nice
it feels like a very plain just a
slightly over salted turkey best one
I've tried so far today so who is the
best turkey recipe let's find out
my favorite is number two because I feel
like it was an extremely classic Turkey
that I could do a lot with leftovers I
could mix it up with mashed potatoes and
sweet potatoes and green beans all on my
Thanksgiving plate and don't necessary
number four is absolutely my favorite
because it managed to bring some kind of
sweetness and the flavor of garlic I
think was there yet he was simply not
for me to enjoy the meat
I appreciate the juiciness softness
beautiful texture of this turkey meat it
was just amazing it was perfection yeah
number four is definitely the my
favorite one that I've tried out of all
of them I gotta say because like I said
that that jerky taste that I have kinda
like a jerk chicken like a Caribbean
taste it was delicious and I haven't
really ever tried Turkey like that
so there you have it Ayesha curry has
the best turkey recipe which recipe
should we test X let us know in the
comments oh yes

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