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Pumpkin Bread Ring With Maple Cream Cheese Filling #Tasty Food

Pumpkin Bread Ring With Maple Cream Cheese Filling #Tasty Food

Pumpkin Bread Ring With Maple Cream Cheese Filling #Tasty Food

is he punching is he trying to punch
buildings and why see so tall hi my name
is Eli I'm nine and today I'm gonna have
two chefs compete to make my dream dish
wha-ha-ha hi Eli nice to meet you
we have a little question for you if you
could eat anything that would turn you
into a superhero what would it be
glub glub what the hell is good for its
goal like goop I'm not the native
English speaker am I missing something
it's a string I don't know how I came up
with it it was like the first appeared
word that came into my mind
Gorp slob I'm not sure what I'm doing
I'm adding decorations okay is it
radioactive things that's an electric
fence can you show us a glob log court
slob get it right it's delivered in the
bucket that looks like this it's made
out of radioactive waste in moon rock
sounds delicious and it has dark
chocolate so he's talking about a green
radioactive goo I don't know how I'm
gonna make that do you want to eat it
like he's adding very it's our thing
being a food it's like gooey I'm gonna
close in the dark
going to third oh okay this is just
getting harder and harder okay it turns
you into Hulk but if you want to sleep
well not break your bed then you can
take slug for plug or it's red okay it
has no chocolate that's what makes it
red alien blue I gotta give it to Eli he
is creative it's kind of gives us a
creative freedom so we can come up with
like random thing maybe it's a good
do you've any last words for us Eli
before we go make this for you good luck
thank you look like it's been named
oh is that your superpower okay so
here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna make
some chocolate cupcakes and those will
act as my bucket base top one with green
white chocolate buttercream frosting and
one with red strawberry white chocolate
buttercream frosting then I'm hoping to
make the Hazzard sign by piping yellow
white chocolate and semi-sweet melted
chocolate and I'm definitely gonna
include this electric fence I feel like
that's a big part of history maybe we
will forget about it and I'll come out
on top for golf lob I'm going to make
mint chocolate chip milkshake
wait it's melted hard candy on top he
took a lot of time drawing this
radioactive symbol so I want to
incorporate this element to my dish
so flop go I'm going to make strawberry
milkshake then make alien shaped cookie
my creation in my mind it looks exactly
as Eli thinks it seems like we both have
very different ideas but I guess we'll
just see who comes out on top first I'm
going to make cookie dough I have
softened butter I'm going to shift the
sugar and mix I'm going to add in some
eggs but egg has to be room temperature
because butter it's room temperature egg
it's too cold
it separates well I'm over here just
learning from region I have more cooking
experience than Alex but I have no
experience with kids I actually spent a
year as an au pair so I feel like I know
what a little boy like state and let me
tell you they like chocolate cupcakes
all right so I just sifted my dry
ingredients together it's just flour
cocoa powder baking soda and now I'm
adding sugar and milk and then vanilla
I'm just keeping this simple it's a
chocolate cupcake
the Kittel like it I found this bigger
muffington which I like because it'll
have more depth and it'll hopefully look
more like a bucket so into the oven we
go I'm gonna bake these at 350 for about
25 minute but I'll check them halfway
they're doing if a Gore flub and fog
grip touch each other it creates an
atomic bomb explosion gore floppy floppy
orb has different buckets if you put the
Gore flop in the flood court but again
the bucket will melt and disappear and
it'll melt through the Earth's core and
mantle and then the earth will explode
I'm adding flour into butter mixture
I'm switching to spatula because once
you add flour if you mix too much
creates gluten and cookie end up really
tough I'm going to save half for my
chakra cookie all right I'm going to
rest my dough in a refrigerator I'm
gonna melt how to candied and I have to
pick the color feel like Alex is gonna
finish much faster than me
that's how powder one yeah I'm more of
like a hair but you know we're changing
the narrative here Oh so the first
mistake I made was forgetting to put the
oil in my chocolate cupcakes I saw Alex
was way ahead of me but I have time to
catch up I don't want my cake to be dry
so I think I'm gonna have to go start
this again we're back in business all
I don't like comic books they're weird
but you don't know which characters text
I read first
what do I read this or this or this or
this or this or this I'm making royal I
think so I can make radioactive warning
mark I'm making chocolate cookies I'm
going to make luck part of its sugar
cookie but yellow part I'm going to make
yellow icing all right where was I'm
just making a basic buttercream but I'm
adding melted white chocolate to it he
mentioned he likes white chocolate so
I'm hoping that this frosting wins him
over I'm just gonna puree these
strawberries strain this just so I make
sure it's like smooth and I get kind of
like the seeds and chunkiness out but is
it right enough I like the flavor now
I'm making the radioactive sine cookie
cookies a little soft I hope it turns
out well I'm a little bit worried I made
a disco key millions of times but it's
really hot in here I'm not sure if it's
gonna walk
my cookies melting so I have to o'cleary
quickly he was very obsessed with
science I want to make it right
my hands are shaking I usually cook by
myself I don't cook in front of a bunch
of people and in front of camera my
heart never shakes but I think I was
really nervous okay time for our Gore
Club frosting I've made the same exact
white chocolate buttercream face now I'm
gonna add some mini semi-sweet chocolate
chips and some mini white chocolate
chips mini chocolate chips are great
because they're easier to bite into than
like a regular sized chocolate chips so
it's nicer to fold them into like a
frosting yes that is radioactive good oh
I'm going to make some decoration for my
milkshake I'm gonna just melt this candy
in an oven and it's spread thin and they
kind of become a really cool shape now
I'm gonna bake my cookie so last thing
that I need to do now is to make my
little chocolate decorations I'm gonna
make this white chocolate yellow so I
can make the biohazard sign I've noticed
alex is using white chocolate and fruit
oh Colleen I just know it's not gonna
work it gets like bubbly did you put
water look like seeds once I added the
food coloring it started to seize up and
get really dry and crumbly and it was
impossible to pipe then I came up with
the solution I want to tell you what
happened I told her if you put water in
a chocolate it's gonna seize and she has
to add a flower so credit what credit do
so to keep the white chocolate from
seizing up I added a little bit of
coconut oil while I melted it down and
that should keep it pretty loose while
I'm trying to pipe it out I'm gonna pop
them in the freezer to set and hopefully
I'll be able to peel off the parchment
paper pretty easily all right you know
we can work that we've got two winners
all right so my cookie it's done I'm
going to put royal icing
boom yay I'm happy his picture was a
little wild I should say I guess that's
good for me because I don't have to be
clean for my own piping that looks like
alien blood if I've ever seen
now going to make my electric fence like
he did oh shoot there's like a hole in
the bag I'm just gonna try to plug it
I'm telling you've never been a good
decorator and now I'm going to make
milkshake look like frog gulp to me it's
really good when I put in the freezer
and I'm gonna wash this for my
strawberry I decorated my gold flop and
I felt good it looks awesome
Reese dish looks like it's coming along
she's got a lot of different components
my radioactive sign may not be perfect
but neither is his doodle done good job
elekid Joffrey a may the best blob
gourdel Quinn
I'm super happy I have my gourd club I'm
a flop Corp I have my electric fence
separating it - it really came together
and my vision came to life I'm actually
kind of surprised it turned out better
than I thought it would my goal prob
looks great it's just exactly what I was
imagining in my head look up to anything
a high it's looked like a standard glass
it looks really cool I hope you like
like fit to pick on the club floor up in
the floor table okay I can see the
cookies the cream the danger symbol here
they'd have an alien face here for some
reason also this and that and sticky you
now should I eat it oh it's a milkshake
hmm tastes like a mint milkshake I I
kind of like it though
now let's see this I need the other
straw tastes a lot like a strawberry
smoothie not really sure what this is
yeah I don't really like that line right
like the strawberry one she has weird
eyes and actually is pretty good I
actually really liked us link flub and I
don't really like that flaw work my
heart's just shattered my shake looks
super cool but Eli didn't think that yep
let's see what they got oh it's like
cupcakes well that's really cool
what's this stuff oh it feels weird it
actually looks really good looks a lot
like these yeah leave me the electric
fence first I'll eat this part mmm
tastes a little bit strange but it's
good let's see what this is
that's a really good let's see what the
chocolate bit tastes like huh it's
exactly like a cupcake except with weird
icing now it's time for this looks like
aliens got some blood cuz how I
described it it's a little sour again I
think the corpse lob tastes better than
the Frog warp the icing is like really
how I described it and this looks like
alien blood and guts which I like I had
all the elements that he was looking for
this just might be my kind of
competition which one did you like
better I like
cupcake yeah high-five winner winner
gore club dinner take that react food is
very subjective so Eli didn't like it
but I feel like audience out there
thinks my score
I'm surprised you get this I love it the
best award I have ever gotten
I also liked him since you've made the
electric fence yes I'm glad you liked
Gore Club may not have turned me into a
superhero but it did turn me into a

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