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Delicious Recipes To Help You Cut Back On Dairy #Tasty Food

Delicious Recipes To Help You Cut Back On Dairy #Tasty Food

Delicious Recipes To Help You Cut Back On Dairy #Tasty Food

I don't think of myself as a woman
making confectionery I just like to
think of myself as making the best Solar
toffee in the country it's kind of like
in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
you know when she first bites into the
truffle you know each flavor is very
layered and really delivers a pretty
complex experience and that really is a
lot of fun for me in Chinese culture if
you ever go to a funeral they always
have some sort of candy usually like a
hard candy and the idea is that it takes
away some of the bitterness of life I
like that idea of let yourself indulge
and in these little relief of reality if
you're gonna indulge in something
indulge in the best thing that you could
possibly get when I was little I was
obsessed with candy all the time like I
used to go to the craft store and right
next to the cake decorating aisle
there's the candy making aisle and when
I found out that like humans actually
made candy I like freaked out and I
started making stuff as soon as I could
whenever I thought of solar Kathy I
always remembered it being like
artificially flavored and just way too
sweet no one was doing a higher-end
version of the candy I started playing
around with it I just added really good
ingredients to flavor the candy and it
tasted really different than the
saltwater taffy that I had remembered
making solar taffies super tactile
especially because the way that we make
it each recipe is unique to be able to
get the whole product cooled we cooled
it on top of each other so that it will
be the same temperature throughout its
super Goldilocks style like you just
have to be familiar with each recipe and
you know what it should be like and then
we wait until it reads about like 98
degrees and then we're able to pull the
taffy on the taffy puller
it can be very meditative
so the whole idea of what the taffy
puller is doing is it Airy it's pushing
air into the product you know I used to
pull the taffy by hands back in the day
I had seven pound batches which doesn't
really sound like a lot but after about
15 minutes of pulling by hand it was
that's when I bought Rosie from a carnie
somewhere I can't remember where I heard
he was but he was funny we do our best
and because we do something that is so
small-batch there are little sort of
variances all in all I think it's sort
of worth it just because it's such a
special product most saltwater taffy
places they'll make one white batch or a
plain batch and then they'll flavor it
with artificial colors and flavors
what makes salty roads so different is
that we use real ingredients to flavor
the candy so real vanilla bean is real
fruit purees ground spices and we use
large green sea salt so it's sort of a
signature crunch it also brings out the
natural flavorings that we use and it
balances the sweetness when I'm coming
up with ideas I want to try to figure
something out that's accessible but also
offbeat and super tasty so for some
mores the baked flavor is really
difficult unless you're going to use
artificial flavors cookie butter and was
sort of this like workaround that we
were able to have that flavor came
through with taffy it's a weird medium
because we have to cook it to such a
high temperature as we cook it to 250 82
the cooling table has cold water running
through the bottom of it and the topics
with a stainless steel and so you have
to know how it's supposed to feel
throughout the entire process
you're taking all these raw ingredients
just like any kind of cooking or any any
when you make anything you can call them
artists you can call them makers you can
call them whatever but I think there's
something really amazing and special and
sort of magical about taking these raw
ingredients and then creating something
else and through that process you get to
see things change and smell them change
and feel them change and it makes the
world make sense a little bit for me I
have survived for seven years having a
manufacturing business in New York City
and making solar taffy so I feel like
I'm pretty scrappy and I just want to
make sure honestly that I can take care
of the people that work for me and still
make a really good solid product some
saltwater taffy makers look at our
product and they think that because we
don't use artificial flavors and colors
it's not actually saltwater taffy which
is not true but you know keeps looking
whatever they want now haha as long as
it tastes good I don't really care what
they call it the batch roller just
simply turns it into a cylinder and then
we'll take the cylinder and hand pull it
into Harriett the are cutting and
wrapping machine confectionary is kind
of a trip because if you go like old
school it's mostly older white men for a
little bit I was working with a
confectionery scientist who's a who's a
woman and she brought me to some of
these like corporate events and they
just had no interest in me like at all
we have for the last three years I think
only have had women it's not philosophy
it's just like we hire the most badass
people that we can hire and it just so
happens that the last three years it's
only been women I don't think of myself
as a woman and like
making confectionery I just like to
think of myself as making the best solar
cafe in the country
my name is Marissa and I make solar
tapping there's a certain face that
everyone makes you know when they taste
it they pop it in their mouth and then
all of a sudden their eyes kind of widen
and they put their hand to their mouth
you have a keep themselves from drooling
but does actually physically lock into
your pleasure receptors just like drugs
more better mo better toffee is pretty
simple to make it's hard to make right
even though there's not many ingredients
it's really three things it's really
good quality butter I use an 83 or 84
percent butterfat butter sugar and sea
salt that's all that goes in it butter
crunch toffee is again deceptively
simple you know you just put the butter
in there and the sugar and the salt and
start stirring it but really goes
through several transformations along
the way and you have to put it over a
really high heat and it has to be
stirred pretty much continuously for 40
minutes or so that it takes to cook it
after I'm in business for a few years I
realized turns out I'm a control freak
how could it be that if I didn't touch
it myself you know if I wasn't the one
who started from starting to finish
could it really be mine
one of the things that really sets me
apart I think from mass-produced
chocolates or confections you know even
from other confectioner's you know who
make things by hand I want it to be very
clear what you're tasting and I wanted
to be a full experience I grew up in a
really small town in southern New Jersey
and right near the school was a candy
those guys had like a license to print
money when I was a kid my mom really
encouraged me to try enjoying myself in
the kitchen and she encouraged me to
bake things so when I was a kid
Halloween was you know the big thing but
we used to just range around the
neighborhood as much as we wanted the
giant you know grocery sacks and give
some of it up to the parents but I would
always you know stash a little bit under
the bed first for myself all my
favorites somebody gave you an apple
I've actually been making chocolate for
30 years having taken a after-school
program course at the local high school
it wasn't until I has gone back to
school as a returning learner at NYU I
suddenly took a look around and I said
hey you know I've been thinking I would
do this one day and so if not now than
when I had a little bit of trepidation
about kind of breaking into the food
industry I have to say that whenever I'm
at an event or
industry gathering of any sort
hands-down I'm always being oldest
person in the room because you know I
can't cook pretty late as an
entrepreneur you really need to do all
the things you really have to do
everything from the ground up that was
both challenging and lightning and
ultimately fun I've had many jobs in my
life and before opening Ronnie Sue's I
worked for ten years for the Coalition
Against Domestic Violence at on Long
Island one of my Jobs was to go to the
shelter once or twice a week and they
would always bring a nice spread of
truffles of butter crunch toffee and
that sort of thing to the shelter and
just you know really cheered everyone up
I also brought it into the office
whenever I made it and it's a good way
to win friends and influence people
there's almost no one that doesn't like
chocolate and candy
especially butter crunch toffee is
something that folks really have a deep
taste memory of especially here in the
US a lot of people really have a thing
for it so that was always a good way to
break the ice
opening Ronnie Sue's I felt like I
wanted to have some kind of little
tagline that encapsulated what my
philosophy was for my product I came up
with simple on the outside special on
the inside put my money where your mouth
is that's another the ingredients
the treatment of those ingredients is
really where the special part comes in
it may look deceptively simple on the
outside you know just a smooth little
bonbon but when you bite into it it's
very special at any time I think there's
something really sort of magical about
taking these raw ingredients and then
creating something else candy making and
confectionary work is a creative outlet
when you make anything you get to see
things change and smell them change and
feel them change really at this point I
think this is probably my last four
years it makes the world make sense a
little bit for me for me

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