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Salvadoran Pupusas as Made by Curly and His Abuelita #Tasty Food

Salvadoran Pupusas as Made by Curly and His Abuelita #Tasty Food

Salvadoran Pupusas as Made by Curly and His Abuelita #Tasty Food

 when you tear it open you can watch the
cheese mousse out o my mouth is watering
my name is curly and this is my Abuelita
Gladys demo hacer ahora sweet class and
we're gonna make boots from El Salvador
Don's loins we're forever pupusas are
like a small little tortillas made of
masa they're like to go food like you
literally you can pick it up and run
with it you can eat it anywhere if
you're in your car if you're at work if
you're in church if you're hanging out
of your friend's house if you're on the
couch if you're in a dining area we do
eat it with the condiment called go to
evoke the good feel for me is so
important because it just adds a whole
nother flavor like it's the way that I
would describe it and I might get some
side for it it's kind of similar to like
a sauerkraut like it just adds that
little kick my memories of who says have
always been with my Abuelita when we
have parties or gatherings with
Salvadoran folk there's usually somebody
who is Luciano somebody who's like
making pupusas for the whole family
when do casinos him premiere Puerto de
mi mamá por que vive Marcia Paquita
not tortilla para la gente de donde and
rhetorical via TV a not avid I comment
then Beanery topic are now I leave a
compress call me that not a coma my
favorite part about my wig now is making
the pupusas is the fact that people
place their orders with her and she
always forgets what you order she's like
yes yes anything you need and then just
serves you whatever she's making yes
look at that that looks delicious huh
more we call muy bien but bosses are
shared by so many cultures sometimes
there's a little bit of a squabble over
who did it whether Honduran sitter or
Salvadorans in it but at the end of the
day we're all the same people anyways so
I'm like just eat up a poster and enjoy
so whatever has the best people says oh
yeah my grandma is actually one of my
best friends in the whole wide world
like I I always get emotion when I talk
about it but like as a young gay kid she
was always there for me and so when we
spend time together
I sometimes understand that it might be
limited and so being able to cook
together and learn traditions as she
went from her
and then for me to be able to carry them
on it kind of there's things that will
stay with me forever so for me means a
lot to be able to cook my grandma you
always made me cry always climbing I'm
with you
but boosters can actually be filled with
a lot of different things you can put
cheese in it but that gets or the first
when I teach are on frijoles loroco
lo que tu cara they pending look at this
exactly depending on what the people
like whatever you're wanting some people
make it differently I want to try yours
if you make your Saudi I want to try
yours if you make yours crispy I want to
do yours like that's the beauty even if
you make an ugly boo-boos that doesn't
matter they all taste delicious I've
never met a Footloose I didn't like
bueno este Mira como Yamaha Tenere Kiki
ottoman ahmo's de cocinar esto en
emotional Oprah Barlow's I'm excited are
you excited to eat on oh yeah I'm so
excited we're gonna propose four days
now salut Mira
mmm appearance in Jamaica ma hello Luis
a girl oh yes
hey guys do you know it's Hispanic
Heritage Month
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